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Exploring Nature

 oil on panel  18" x 24"

Embraced by Autumn, oil, 16x20.jpg

Embraced by Autumn

 oil on panel  16" x 20"

Houseboats at Dusk, oil, 5x7, sony.jpg

House Boats at Dusk

 oil on panel  5" x 7"

A Little Cotswold Village,  casein, 14x18 - sony.jpg

A Little Cotswold Village

 casein on panel  14" x 18"

A Duoro Sunset, casein 12x24 sony  more contrast - USE THIS ONE.jpg

A Duoro Sunset

 casein on panel  12" x 24"

Villa on the Hill

 casein on panel  16" x 20"

Riding Through the Costwolds

 casein on panel  12" x 24"

Boating on the Thames

 casein on panel  14: x 18"

A New Day

 casein on panel 12" x 16"

The Yellow Dock

casein on panel  9" x 12"



pastel on paper  9" x 12"

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